“We invite you to experience how we are redefining the standard of excellence in the Philadelphia and the Surrounding area. The process of recreation is the cornerstone of our philosophy. It filters through an incisive view of present day remodeling industry expectations. We love old things, but We want them to look fresh – and that often comes from looking deeper at the old source and rethinking it in color, shape, texture, and functionality that incorporate the present"

Matthew J. Roane Sr 

Building Better

     Delivering the most personal level of client service in our industry.


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Good living

Lighted pebbles waterfall

Designed by Denise Roane 

Open-Artist flow

Design by Denise Roane

Double LED vision

Design by Denise Roane


Designed by Matthew Roane Sr

CELEBRITY classic master bath

Design by Matthew Roane Sr


Design by Linda Mason

Message from 
the designer

Denise L. Roane

We work closely with our clients on each project to create not only amazing designs that will help the business grow, but to also create long term relationships of trust and caring. We are a highly focused and driven company that focuses on designing projects that we are passionate about working on.

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This service ranges from 1 hour to the number of hours necessary to configure your project.

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Client specific shopping, sourcing and installation of finishing touches and accessories such as lamps, area rugs and art work that finish off your unique design. We can help.


Integrity is the most important focus for MJR. our company  was built on integrity by it's Founder, our father the Late Edward Roane Sr.


Our experience allows us to ensure that every project we manage is a planned and efficient endeavor. Nothing is wasted including our customers’ time or investment.


MJR Enterprise LLC is absolutely committed to customer satisfaction and ensuring the customer receives the best value for every dollar invested.


Our reputation is the engine that drives us. Without honor there is no future. Nothing is more important than honesty and transparency in the relationship. 

Make something  different!

MJR Enterprise LLC is a very unique type of remodeling company. We are an innovative and dynamic organization that believes in developing genuine relationships with our clients while delivering superior services at every level. Our unparalleled customer retention is a testament to this commitment. We are a safe, financially sound company with a proven track record to complete projects on time and within budget – in any location throughout the  5 County area. 

We build dreams, relationships, and trust.