The Late Edward Roane Sr.

The Company

MJR Enterprise LLC was founded in 2001, however, its history goes back as far as 1970.

Mr. Edward Roane Sr. founded his painting contracting company in the early 1970s. He was one of the few African American entrepreneurs at that time with a sparkle in his eyes; he was determined to be his own boss and self-sufficient. Although he had no formal training in painting, it was obvious that the techniques required were inherent. The Late Mr. Edward Roane Sr. worked as a short order cook and then in the parts department at a car dealership. By being in that environment, the fiery passion of entrepreneurship began to spark in his soul.

My older brother and I helped our father build his painting business. We learned how to speak to business prospects and treat customers with the utter most respect through his example. During that time I didn't know that I was being trained.

As I grew older my dad took me out into the field training me in the art of painting. The painting craft was inherent for my father. Soon he realized that I was a naturally gifted painter also. It was my job to paint everything low with great care. As my skill increased, my responsibilities increased. My father trained my brother and me how to properly set up a 40-foot ladder without any help as teenagers.

We also later learned contracting services which included exterior concrete work, brickwork, vinyl siding, window installation, stucco, roofing, custom raw iron fabrication, door installation and fencing installation. Along with interior services which included plumbing, electrical, carpentry, insulation, custom tile work, custom mud shower pans, kitchen and bathroom digital design, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, drywall, custom granite installation and fabrication, hardwood floor installation, laminate floor installation, ceramic floor and wall tile installation and extensions.

Nonetheless, for the past several years we have primarily focused on premium kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Escape to tranquility

Lighting Your project

We love lighting fixtures, there are so many wonderful varieties of lighting fixtures.
When you choose the right light fixture it will bring your project into focus.
Lighting is so important to your project and so often little attention is giving to it. 
We take great pride in spending time paying attention to these types of details.

We believe in detail

Home Decor

Find new furniture, decorative accessories, items, and loving the process.

Redesign your bedroom

Redesigning your bedroom can make you feel like you are at a five-star hotel.


Enjoy the holidays with family relaxing in your new remodeled home.


Many designers don't realize the importance of accent bridging throughout the rest of your home.


We want to provide you with everything you need to know when you are Re-creating your home.

Collaboration of designers

When willing minds come together intelligent design is accomplished.

Get Inspired

MJR believes the best way for our clients to experience our passion is to see it in action.


MJR services include consultation given from the start, to choosing a design, all the way to getting your project, your dream complete.


When your home has been reimagined and transformed you to will have a five star testimony.


Okay, so you can't be there when your project is taking place. No problem! We will keep you updated via text, a phone call or email. You can also reach us in this manner as well.

If you can dream it We can create IT For YOU!
OR we can dream And CREATE it for you.

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